Lean Six Sigma Essay

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to solve some of the top line problems before stretching it.
Problem/Demand = Customer desire - Current state
3.2..Implementing Lean Six Sigma
The capacity of companies to create, learn and maintain their continuous improvement capabilities is the base for the implementation of more sophisticated approaches like Lean- Six Sigma. In this sense, the Implementation orientation allows us to understand how continuous improvement programmes uses its capabilities in order to apply new tools and techniques. The successful implementations of Lean Six Sigma have to be based on existing Quality Management systems, like Lean, Six Sigma or TQM
Companies already using LEAN:
Toyota, General electric, Honda and etc.,
Companies already using SIX SIGMA:
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This includes establishing baseline performance factors, expected performance/financial improvements, communicating program goals, implementation strategies, and developing Practical “Lean”. Employees and management are brought into the training in natural or functional work groups. iii). In the training, they learn about the six steps to Lean Six Sigma process, methodology, and tools. This course is designed to help organizations reach their goal of Total Customer Satisfaction through the attainment of reduced cycle time yielding high levels of quality. It does this by showing how functions can increase the extent to which their work meets the expectations of the people they do it for - their customers. iv).Training and team formation are begun concurrently. In the training employees learn the specific methodology in resolving differences in product/service expectations, so those mistakes, which lead to customer dissatisfaction, can be minimized. Any activity that doesn't add to the market form or function of the product (things for which the customer is willing to pay) is a non-value added activity, or the "wastes" that lean seeks to eliminate. Emphasis is on learning ways of achieving extremely high levels of quality (on the order of 3 to 4 defects per million or Six Sigma) and gives participants a chance to start applying it right away to their own

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