Essay on Implementation of Strategies and Tactics

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Implementation of Strategies and Tactics for Water Company

Strategic Objective According to the vision and mission of Mapua (spring) water company, the main objective of the company is to gain highest shares of the market by providing highest quality water with low cost in comparison to its competitors. By providing high quality, the management wants to gain customer satisfaction and maintain a long term relationship with them. In order to achieve the objective of the company, Mapua also want to increase the performance level of the employees by motivating them and providing advanced technologies.
Strategies and Tactics to achieve the Objectives ➢ The management should understand the need of market, by conducting a market
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Monitor and Control Strategic Plan In order to monitor and control the strategic plan, the management should use these techniques: ➢ Team Development: In order to implement the strategic alternatives successfully, the management can make a team and distribute the responsibilities an authorities according to the qualification and performance level of the employee. The team leader will guide the other team members and distributes available resources in an effective manner. ➢ Cost Control Technique: In order to control and monitor the strategic plan, the management can use cost control technique. Under this technique, the management will allocate the financial resources and allocate budget according to the strategic plan. This technique will help to control financial expenses in the organization. ➢ Tracking Progress: In order to monitor the strategic plan, the management should use this methodology. By this way the management team can track the performance of the employees and company (Lewis, 2006, pg. 16). By developing a snapshot of company, the management can evaluate the performance of an individual employees as well as company. There should be four objected categories in this snapshot: service, product quality, cleanliness, and speed of service. Another performance measure is the review of employee’s performance sheet. By evaluating this, management can easily

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