Implementation Of Long Term Goals Essays

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In todays business world to maintain competitiveness companies must create a vision. The vision however doesn’t guarantee sustained success. Most businesses will have to adjust over time to either meet the demands of customers, or for industry changes. An important component to ensure those adjustments will fan the fire of success is goal setting. In this essay I’ll be discussing two types of planning that organizations use to assist in achieving goals, the strategic and operational plans. Strategic planning allows for the implementation of long term goals. This plan must be specific and the goals must be clear to present the best opportunity of attaining the goal. The creation of this plan will provide increased focus by everyone involved which could potentially give way to increased efficiency and productivity. According to Bill Cook “Strategic planning works.” Bill was the superintendent of a school district and had experience creating 5 year plans for all of the schools in his district for budgeting purposes. Strategic planning is present not only in the education field but in all fields world wide is a strong indicator of just how popular and critical this process is to the success of companies and organizations. Operational planning is as close to opposite strategic planning as there is. Strategic as we discussed before is considered long term, and operational is short term planning model. Just mentioning short term operational planning and the first…

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