Essay on Imperialism

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Primary Documents: Imperialism

Directions: Read the three documents related to imperialism and answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper.

Stanley Searches for Livingstone in Africa – Henry M. Stanley (1871)

1. Traveling through Africa (often called “going on safari”) was often seen as a big adventure by Europeans. As Stanley’s journey was coming to an end and he marched toward the village in which he believed he would find Dr. Livingstone how did he seem to feel? Explain.
2. Why do you suppose Stanley made such a dramatic entrance as he approached the village?
3. Henry Stanley’s entire trip was paid for by the New York Herald. Why
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How does that differ from Harrison’s “The Black Man’s Burden”? Who do you think is more accurate?

Stanley Searches for Livingstone in Africa – Henry M. Stanley (1871)
One of the great newspaper stories of the late 1800s revolved around the disappearance of Scottish missionary David Livingstone while he was exploring Central Africa. Although much of Africa was still uncharted territory, the New York Herald sent a reporter, Henry Morton Stanley, to find Livingstone. Here is Stanley’s account of the final hours of his quest in 1871, including his now famous greeting, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"

A couple of hours brought us to the base of a hill, from the top of which the Kirangozi said we could obtain a view of the great Tanganyika Lake. Heedless of a rough path or of the toilsome steep, spurred onward by the cheery promise, the ascent was performed in a short time. I was pleased at the sight; and, as we descended, it opened more and more into view until it was revealed at last as a grand inland sea, bounded westward by an appalling and black-blue range of mountains, and stretching north and south without bounds, a grey expanse of water. From the western base of the hill was a three hours’ march, though no march ever passed off so quickly. The hours seemed to have been quarters, we had seen so much that was novel and rare to us who had been travelling so long on the highlands. The mountains bounding the lake on the eastward receded and the

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