Imperialism Vs. Western Imperialism Essay

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In the late 1800s, European countries had economic and geographical advantage over their counterparts in Africa and India, which sparked Western Imperialism. Due to their industrial power, European countries were largely successful in their expansionist policies. Imperialism was enormously beneficial to the national superpowers heading it, fulfilling their economic needs of raw materials and new markets as well as promoting political and military needs. Even though Western Imperialism did improve some aspects of life in other countries such as medical practice, law, and technologies, it served mainly as an obstruction to self-determination and the countries suffered immensely under European rule. Impelled by a sense of racial superiority, Western Imperialism disrespected local cultures, exploited the local people, and ruined the economies of the countries.
To Westerners, the ‘ideal’ human was a white, European Christian. While some did embark on the task of Imperialism with the noble intention of improving the quality of life for indigenous people, they did so with a paternalistic attitude. Instead of educating themselves on local customs and culture, many Europeans simply believed that their own culture was superior. Social Darwinism, which attempted to scientifically explain the reasoning behind the superiority of the European, was used as a means of justification by Josiah Strong in the document “Our Country”. Because Europeans had contributed more to society through…

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