Essay on Imperialism And Religion During The War Of 1812

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From when the first humans crossed over to North America to the end of the War of 1812, nothing has remained constant in the region that would one day come to be known as the United States of America. What drives these changes varies with human motivation. Some come from the desire for conquest and expansion, but others spawn from religious beliefs. But trade and the desire for wealth has remained a nearly constant factor in most major changes. While imperialism and religion both had large impacts on this region, trade had a stronger and more consistent role in change during this period.:
Even before the arrival of Europeans, imperialism shaped this region. Warfare and conquest greatly influenced the Native American civilizations of this region. Rather than live in perfect harmony like often purported, these societies fought regularly, and while diplomacy also played an important role in their developing culture, warfare still reigned as a major influence. The Mexica, for example, built their vast empire on constant warfare and the enslavement of those they conquered. When the Europeans did arrive, they met not a continent of people ignorant to battle and strife but a land of nations familiar with the intricacies of war (Week 2 Notes; Shi and Tindall 9-17).
The English’s own desire for more land and influence largely shaped their relationship with the Native Americans. In early 17th century Virginia, Jamestown settlers frequently engaged in both friendly and hostile…

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