How Did The Embargo Affect America

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Embargo is defined as a condition where one country decides not to trade with another. Political issues mostly trigger the influence of such a situation. In this scenario, the US government decided not to trade with the Britain in any way. The two countries could no longer import or export with the other. The result of such a condition was that an economic implication that was negatively affected the trade volumes between the two nations (Frankel, P.291-308). During this period, citizens experienced series of tremendous suffering and were not in a better position to make acquisitions of the desired levels of utility. Most firms in the Britain resulted in collapsing thus making the country experience a series of strenuous activities resulting in ineffectiveness of the states to cater for its …show more content…
The impact of the embargo greatly affected the Britain and the deficits heavily got monitored. The US was also concerned as it took the time to adjust its production so as to establish progressiveness in the state 's growth and development.
The trade volumes in the Britain decreased rapidly after the imposition of the ban by the US government. It was so as the importation was high that it used to export resulting in disequilibrium in the balance of trade. The condition persisted until the nation had to involve itself in both indirect and direct smuggling as a means of ensuring progressiveness and continuity in business. The result of this was it could acquire goods from the US despite the ban though it was an expensive deal. The prevalence of free trade never existed and resulted in the country having to pay increased taxes for the shipping among other paramount services. The indirect smuggling involved the use of other nations that had established trading relationships with the US to access the goods and

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