Impacts Psychological Wellbeing ( Pwb ) And People Dreams Essay

755 Words Jun 30th, 2016 4 Pages
1. What is the general topic that this paper is addressing? What has previous research on this (or related) topics demonstrated? What is the purpose of the research described in this paper? How does it complement the previous research on this topic? What is/are the author(s) hypothesis/hypotheses? Do the hypotheses make sense to you?

The topic of this study is the impacts psychological wellbeing (PWB) and people dreams. The researchers in this study wanted to determine if there is any significant relationship between psychological well being and objective dream content variables in a nonclinical population at fixed points in time. Some researchers like Blagrove and his friends did similar studies in the past and found out that the occurrence of recurrent dreams is related to ones psychological well being. They found that the dream report from people who are suffering from psychopathologies issues differ from normal people. This studies were similar in the way that all the researches were focusing on the same issue, but this study completes the other studies in the sense that they used different approach and they also did a longitudinal research which involves the same people for a long time and it is more accurate. Before conducting the study the authors/ researchers hypothesized that peoples dream can be related to their PWB and waking states and concern. When I first read the hypothesis, it did not make any sense because I used to believe that dreams are dreams; you…

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