Impact Of World War II On Domestic Development Essay

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Analyze the impact of World War II on domestic developments in the United States

Mikey Soto

Word Count: 1503 Mikey Soto
Professor Anthony Gorton
HIST 304
23 July 2014
World War II Impact on United States’ Domestic Development Domestic life in the United States went through many transformations in the 20th century. These changes were significantly due to the impact of the United States’ involvement in World War II. Because of the United States’ involvement in the global war, the country experienced political and economical modifications during and after the war that forever altered the development of domestic life in American history. Before tackling the changes that World War II had on domestic development, it’s important to understand the domestic economy prior to the war. In the decade preceding World War II, the United States was tangled in a severe economic depression. President Franklin D. Roosevelt enacted several experiments called the New Deal that brought some relief to a population plummeting from unemployment, inflation, and scarcity. However, considerable alterations from the New Deal such as, vast federal spending, price regulations, job placement, the expansion of unions, greater access to home loans, social security for the elderly and disabled, and the public 's restored confidence in their government, did little to bring prosperity to the citizens of the United States. By the end of the 1930s, 17% of the American work force…

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