Impact Of Tourism On The World Essay

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Tourism is everywhere in the world. Many people around the world start planning their vacations with the idea to meet new culture, have fun, and get memories. Traveling is one of the best things a person can have done in his or her life; knowing others people’s culture can open our mind to learn things that we have never seen before. Tourism has become one of the most impacted business around the world because while some people start discovering new cultures, other people get enthusiastic and they start doing the same thing. However, tourism in each country has its positive and its negative aspects. For example, in Panama, where I am from, tourism has been growing each year, we have a lot of things that others countries does not have as nice beaches, good weather, the Panama canal, and great food. Having good assets to offer to the world has been a positive impact for our country economically because when tourists come to Panama, people can open and sell their Panamanian products and food. On the other hand, Panama and other countries still dealing with tourism negative aspects such as, erosion of local cultures. For example, when a country becomes a famous tourist place to visit, it will eventually have tourists every day, this means that in that country local culture can decrease its sells because of the fact that they will bring products from other countries to satisfy the tourist market. To specify more this concept, it is important to realize that local markets and…

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