Transatlantic Slave Trade Essay

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The middle of the 15th century signifies an important era in the history of African Americans and it is a critical aspect of the black experience. Its great significance derives from the fact that this time period marks the origin of the slave trade. The slave trade, which began as a simple act to impress a king, quickly escalated into a system that used and abused the lives of africans in order to obtain an economic advantage. This system, which is now referred to as the transatlantic slave trade, lasted hundreds of years until its abolition in 1807. The transatlantic slave trade was a horrific occurrence that had a great impact on the black experience between the 1400s and 1800s. The impact resulting from the trade had negative effects on the the black experience because africans were belittled and torment. On the other hand, the slave trade also had a positive impact on the black experience because gave rise to the power mindsets of frican individuals.
The slave trade had a negative impact on the black experience due to the conditions and lifestylels in which the africans had to live, if they even
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The situations which the africans had to encounter strongly affected the mentality of the africans, which subsequently impacted the black experience in many ways. The physical and mental abuse they received can be perceived as a negative impact because, at the time, it resulted in the inferiority of africans. However, these experiences are what led to the overcoming of africans. They were many instances where the would rise as courageous group of individuals and attempt to overpower the whites. The outcome of the transatlantic slave trade as a whole still had a great impact on the black experiences and still resides in the hearts of individuals even til this

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