Essay about Impact Of Technology On The Field Of Communication

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When we turn on the TV to watch the news, how is that image being projected through our TV? When we call a family member on the other side of the world, what technology is making it possible? The main device being used to send those signals is a satellite. The creation of satellites was a huge breakthrough for technology; it gave the populace a chance to communicate with anyone on the planet. This technology has needed to change and evolve to meet the increasing demand of the world population. With this advanced development of technology comes risk. What have we accomplished with this technology and what have we yet to discover. From the beginning of the invention of satellites, technology has been evolving and enabled change that has given the world advance uses of communication.
To look at changes satellites have brought towards the field of communication we need to look into the history of them. The first communication satellite to be used was released by America called ECHO 1 in 1960. This satellite reflected signals sent from earth via radio waves (The Satellite ECHO 1 1960).It was the first step for worldwide communications. The biggest breakthrough with satellite communication was the launch of geosynchronous and geostationary orbit satellites. These satellites enabled round the clock connection previous low-earth orbit satellites were unable to perform. The first successful geostationary satellite was SYNCOM 3; this satellite broadcast the 1964 Tokyo Olympics to the…

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