Ww2 Research Paper

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Since the start of the twentieth century, changes have happened quicker than ever before. A man living in the early 1900s would barely recognize most of the innovations used in the late 1900s. A soldier fighting near the end of the First World War would not be able to comprehend the technology used from the end of the Second World War. Technological advancements due to war positively influenced today’s society. With the aid of literary pieces; constructive changes due to wars in fields such as electronics, aviation, medical research, communication and international relations can be examined.

The advancements increased the convenience of having something by the touch of a fingertip. During the Second World War, the Allies needed something
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One of the greatest source of entertainment since the First World War is the radio. Throughout WW2, the radio was used to emit propaganda to help in war efforts as well as broadcasting news about the fronts. In Gerd Horten’s novel, he says, “Radio was the primary medium for Americans during World War II because 90 percent of American families owned at least one radio set and listened to an average of three to four hours of broadcasting a day”. (2) Americans would rely on the radio for information as it was transmitted more quickly than the daily newspaper. They rather have more information than a selected amount for a day. If a family were forced to sell their furniture for some cash, they would almost never sell their radios. The radio is still being used today due the sudden interest during WW2. The changes between before and after the great wars show a big difference in how media is being received. Even today, many people still listen to the radio for music, news, sports, and pretty much anything. The amount of applications that were created from the radio is astonishing. One of the best products that emerged from the same technological concept as the radio has to be the mobile cellphone. According to Stats Canada, up to 84.9% of households have at least one cell phone in 2012. Today’s younger generation is practically dependent to their cellphones and probably could not live a few days without it. In “Apocalypse Now,” the use of a radio was crucial for Lt-Col Kilgore. He used it to radio in many of his luxurious items and for calling in airstrikes. Even when Captain Benjamin L. Willard kept going up the river, he noticed that the breakdown of communication led to total chaos. Wireless transmissions have changed due to the in increments in

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