Impact Of Technology On Children 's Life Essay

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Impacts of Technology on Children Technology updates in tablets, television, and phones influence society to communicate, learn and enhance problem solving skills. Technology as a branch of knowledge creates different perspectives in a child’s life. Despite the negative views towards technology in society, parents as well as teachers points of view should be taken into consideration since they are the ones who can notice changes in a child’s life when using technology. Research has shown various views towards technology in a child’s learning environment through formal education and within family dynamics. Relatives within the family have different views on technology impacting family dynamics. For instance, parents believe that technology facilitates their life by helping them “[stay] connected with their children, relieves [them from] quick distractions in public meltdowns and helps [children] learn shapes, colors, and numbers” (qtd. in Wartella 21). In a national survey made by Northwestern University, statistics showed that the majority of parents believe that technology, such as computers, positively impact “59% of reading skills, 53% of math skills, and television impacts 56%” positively in children speaking skills (qtd. in Wartella 24). Psychologist Jim Taylor claims that children may develop intellectuality while using technology enabling them to observe, judge, and decide in order to communicate effectively(1). On the other hand, grandparents tend to believe…

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