Impact Of Technology Boom On Society

How Technology Boom Today Changed The Way People Interact
In recent years, advance technology has developed and in turns has change and adversely impacts our society. It also shows how technology of today affects our general way of interaction. The technology boom of today has taken away our traditional ways of communication which has negatively affected the life of many. Few of these effects area are lack of social skills, emotional disconnection and vanishing of family value.
Majority of us can sit for hours on any giving hand held technology playing games, chatting and other social activities without ever meeting or having direct interactions with them which in some case is a good thing. The problem arise when this changes and we are left
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When this environment changes, it becomes impossible for these expressions to be put in real life and present an intellectual and meaningful conversation within a group of people.
Because of the lack of social exposure, many have poor concept of what to say and when to say it, while others may lack in active listening including being to understand other people’s social cues. This problem extends to adults as well not being able to make new friends outside of online social media because traditional conversation has been buried by technology.
Despite the rise of digital technology, we also forget that there such things as face to face interviews and meetings that will solely rely on our social conversation skills to accomplish our intended purpose. We all accept social media as part of our life but it 's destroying our interpersonal social skills.
According to Usatoday, “A study conducted for online casino Yazino found that one in four people spend more time socializing online, via sites such as Facebook and Twitter, than they do in person. Too often at events or parties, guests are attached to their smart phones tweeting or texting, but no one is truly engaging or interacting with the people around
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Many rather hide behind their phones, ipad and laptops to communicate and resolve conflict because they rather not face and deal with the emotional aspect of it. It’s easy to choose this medium but how much damage has it cause in other personal life.
These days, people can easily type and send a message about how they feel with smiley and sad faces without emotional attachment. It is important to understand that face to face communication can show expressions and other emotional feeling and what we say to others.
Today’s technology has caused many of us to lose that touch and feelings of the real world that we once have. A lot of us sits behind gadgets, no eye contacts, become emotional numb to feelings and shuts down when we encounter a conflict that requires immediate solution. We see that technology can play a leading role in every aspect of our life from personal, to family leading to professional

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