Essay on Impact Of Slavery On South Economy

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In America slavery became very prominent in the South. It effected America in many different ways. It effected the economy. Slavery was highly profitable, but it negatively impacted the Southern economy (South’s Economy). It hindered the growth of industry and cities (South’s Economy). Slavery had a hand in high debts, soil exhaustion, and lack of technological innovation (South’s Economy). It caused the South to have no urban centers for commerce, finance, and industry compared to that of the North (South’s Economy). The economy was not diversified (South’s Economy). The primary functions of cities was to market and transport crops, supply agricultural tools, and manufacture a small amount of goods (South’s Economy). The South’s economy was solely focused on slaves, and this caused industry and transportation improvements to be neglected (South’s Economy). The North had 1.3 million industrial workers, while the South barely had 110,000 industrial workers (South’s Economy). Slavery also has sociological effects. It effected the family. Slaves were not aloud to marry, and many times the father was owned by someone else (Williams). They were also required to put their owner ahead of their family, and were sometimes separated for long periods of time (Williams). They were also treated as property and not as human beings (Williams). They were frequently sold. The owners often threatened to separate the family in order to keep them in line. It also had psychological effects.…

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