Impact Of Immigration On The United States Essay

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Since many immigrants migrate as a result of economic opportunity, it is important to analyze whether or not immigration poses a true alternative to the problems they are attempting to escape, or whether it generates new problems of its own. Unfortunately, literature seems to suggest that, while immigration into the first world removes the individuals from certain third world problems such as instability and health crises, it imposes different problems like segregation and discrimination. Debatably, these problems are more manageable and favorable to some immigrants. Globalization does not influence all segments of society in the same way, so it is unlikely that dissimilar circumstances will lead to similar results; however, there is a general pattern suggesting that immigration does not lead to increased opportunities and lives as many migrants had hoped. Glenda Laws, formerly an urban social geographer and associate professor at Pennsylvania State University, focused heavily on the links between globalization, immigration, and urban social relations before her premature death. She found that at the heart of the linkage is an economic restructuring across societies that has potent social consequences for immigrant populations. People migrating to avoid globalization effects often find growing ghettoization, isolation, and cultural antipathies in their new settings. This supports the idea that globalization not only has an economic impact, but also has social and cultural…

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