Impact Of Human Dimensions On Information Security Infrastructure

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Human Dimensional Impacts upon Information Security Infrastructure
William Fisher
University of Maryland University College
CSEC610 Cyberspace and Cybersecurity
Professor Hall

Evaluating the vulnerabilities of an organization’s information security starts with the risk assessment. The process includes the method performed and current protocols to both measure the risk involved and address attacks. Typically, businesses will have a network tailored to their particular needs balancing cost and need. All the technological tools commercially available can build a commanding network that contains the latest hardware and the most sophisticated software; however, those systems have but one unpredictable fault, the human factor. This paper explores the human dimensional threat, the methodologies used, the science behind the methods, and techniques for the mitigation of those threats. The human dimension as a potential threat is consistently the most challenging vulnerability to any information system professional today.
Human Dimensional Impacts upon Information Security Infrastructure
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A well-planned and assembled platform can be the key to current success and future growth. The network is a careful balance of digital needs and innovative technology ultimately forming the foundation that is a business’s telecommunication architecture. Social engineering is the technique of manipulating individuals, so they inadvertently undermine personal or corporate network security. Social engineering has become increasingly popular among criminals based upon human vulnerability exploitation. It is easier to take advantage of people’s natural tendency to trust rather than traditional hacking methodologies to gain access to the system or information sought

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