Impact Of Globalization On Individual And Collective Identities

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Source: Cultural homogenization is spreading around the world. A single global culture, dominated by Western values and lifestyles, driven by trade and communicated through the entertainment business that has permeated throughout every corner of the Earth.

Globalization is the worldwide movement towards the integration of economics, finance, trade, and communication to become interdependent and interconnected around the world. Globalization is a very controversial issue that is debated because of the impact of homogenization on individual and collective identities. However, not everyone is in agreement on whether globalization is good or bad. The source is implying that there are negative aspects of cultural globalization also known as homogenization. Homogenization is when people become more alike through the spread of popular culture. The source states that cultural homogenization is expanding worldwide through the entertainment industry. Entertainment is the action of being provided with amusement and enjoyment and is, therefore, not limited to movies, films, television, and the radio, but can also be toys, games, food and fashion. Since a large majority of humans will try to change to become more popular, they adapt to what is being shown on television because of how powerful transnational corporations control what is popular. That is why the source uses the “entertainment business” as a strong example of homogenization. However, the source is more specific by saying…

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