Impact Of Global Warming On The Environment Essay

1024 Words Dec 8th, 2016 5 Pages
Since the world has entered into the industrial period, the advent of a new version of industrial system in which coal, metallurgy and chemical engineering dominate has not only greatly facilitated people’s lives, but also brought a series of environmental concerns that influence the ecosystem. At that time, air and water pollution have been regarded as two major environmental impacts resulting from the high-volume discharge of chemical toxins, owing to the development of mining industry that is deemed to be essential for rapid economic growth in the majority of developed countries. But during the twenty-first century, as there are an increasing number of developing countries, such as China and India, showing their willingness to follow the steps of those developed countries through globalization, the burden put on the environmental system has been much more heavy than the level of industrial period. For example, since such severe environmental issues as worse air quality and water quality, more loss of biodiversity, and more GHGs emission concentrated in the atmosphere that contributes to global warming have come into our daily life, what the environmentalists should do in order to save the planet is an important question worth mentioned. In my opinion, environmentalists should be active actors, worldview transmitters, and pioneers in green transition. Firstly, environmentalists should be radical actors fighting for the capitalism system in which the idea of unlimited…

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