Impact of Computer Graphics in Our Daily Life Essay

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Computer Graphics and Architecture: State of the A r t and Outlook for the Future
Julie Dorsey Leonard McMillan profession. Computer graphics has revolutionized the drafting process, enabling the rapid entry and modification of designs (see Musachusetts Instbitute o f Technology Figure I). In addition, modeling and rendering systems have proven to be invaluable aids in Introduction the visualization process, allowing designers During the three decades since Ivan to walk through their designs with photorealSutherland introduced the Skerchpad system istic imagery (see Figure 2) [6, 2, 3]. [7], there has been an outpouring of computComputer graphics systems have also demoner graphics systems for use in architecture [3, strated utility for
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Thoughts come to mind as designers view a drawing or model in progress, which can alter their perceptions and suggest new possibilities. The emerging r e p r e s e n t a t i o n allows them to explore avenues that could not be foreseen, and ideas are generated along the way. Once executed, each representation depicts a separate reality that can be seen, evaluated and

Fignre 2:Tenerife House renderings at different times of d~y. Designedby Ann Pendlemn-Jullian:medeled and rendered byJark de Vaipine and Ben Black, V/~RC Inc.,Boston,~ See page 99 for/map in full color.
Computer Graphics February 1998 4S

redefined, or transformed. Even if eventually discarded, each representation will have stimulated the mind's eye and set in motion the formation of further concepts. Therefore, speculative drawings or models are different in spirit and purpose from the definitive presentation media that architects use to accurately represent and communicate a fully formed design to others.While the technique and degree of finish of exploratory representations may vary with the nature of the problems and the individual designer's way of working, the mode of representation is always open-ended, informal and personal.While not intended for public display, these artifacts can provide valuable insights into an individual's creative process. Speculative representations

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