Impact Of Climate Change On Health Essay example

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Impact of Climate Change Over the decades scientists have shown much evidence to prove that earth is going through some major climate change. Al Gore an environmentalist and former vice president of U.S. states that “The warnings about global warming have been extremely clear for a long time. We are entering a period of consequences.” A recent study of U.S. government reported the average temperature had risen more than 2 degree Fahrenheit over the past fifty years. Immediate action must be taken to diminish the negative outcomes caused by climate change on health, agriculture, and environment. The impact of uncontrolled climate change on health will be a threat by an increased number of infectious diseases. The impact of decreased air quality and global warming on health is critical for humans to survive. Ozone is a serious threat to human health. NASA states that, “Shortness of breath, dry cough, wheezing, and sometimes even nausea are common response to ozone” (Henningfeld, Mann 2011). If the ozone enters our throat and lungs it could damage the lining airways. Doctors and researchers are worried over the long term impact of ozone on lungs of young children. Global warming also increased water-borne and food-borne disease which leads to life taking illness. The EPA predicts that health problems connected with smog and pollution may increase. Air exposure can make a serious problem to chronic respiratory, cardiovascular disease, damage lungs tissue, and also lead to…

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