Impact Of Advertising On Children 's Lives Essay

1238 Words Dec 1st, 2015 null Page
The Impact on Children’s Lives Due to the Rising Use of Images in Advertising In modern society, it can be seen clearly that advertising is one of the most popular tools and is used in day-to-day marketing strategies as well as being one of the tools of increasing consumption and growing the economy. In this article, “Image – Based Culture: Advertising and Popular Culture,” Sul Jhally uncovers that using the commodity images system and using the visual images system have alluded by marketing strategy, which have negative effects on our lives. He examines sources describing how marketing companies want to get customers’ attention and are interested in their customers’ emotions more than selling their products. He points out that customers’ emotions have been impregnated by advertisement which customers do not understand or know what advertising does. In addition, Sul Jahlly states that customers’ emotions are influenced by using sexual images in advertising. Sul Jhally provides a deep analysis on how using the commodity image system and using the visual image system in advertising has influenced the customers’ emotions. However, the author does not provide information about how using images systems in advertising has a negative impact on children’s lives. Drawing on articles about advertising representation in the culture, this paper will examine the increase of using the images system in advertising and how it impacts children’s lives. With the help of…

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