Immigration Quotas : The Main Culprit Of A Flawed System Essay

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Sepora Alkozai
Politics of Immigration
Final Exam
Immigration Quotas: The Main Culprit of a Flawed System A belief shared by American politicians on both sides of the aisle is that our immigration system is flawed and in need of reform. The fact that there are an estimated 11 million immigrants living here in the United States supports that belief. Exactly why the system is broken, and how it can or should be fixed, however, is the source of disagreement between legislators. Many believe that the flaw in the system is that so many have been able to evade it, but the real flaw is in the fact that those people had to resort to doing so. What we have to do is tackle the root of the problem by finding a way to facilitate legal emigration for those wishing to come to the U.S., so that they do not feel the need to come here unauthorized and live without documentation. The main issues in our immigration system, therefore, are the incredibly low immigrant visa and green card quotas set by Congress that restrict authorized immigration and attainment of legal residence. Therefore, one proposed solution in fixing our system is to increase these quotas so that more immigrants can come and stay legally in the U.S. When asked whether they would have come to the U.S. via legal means if they were able to, most undocumented immigrants respond with something along the lines of "Yes. Yes, if only there was a way." (Pangilnan). After all, they would not take the dangerous risks of…

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