Immigration During The United States Essay

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50 Years Ago, Immigration Changed in America by Kenneth
Immigration is one of the most discussed topics especially in the United States presidential campaigns with some controversies whether to adopt the millions of immigrants who are in the US illegally. There exist some controversies whether to build a wall which will separate Mexico and US in order to prevent immigrants from getting in to the US. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 gave way for the immigrant families to reunite and ensured that skilled workers came to America mostly from Europe (Walsh, 1). Over the past few years immigrants from Latin America and Asia have flocked in to America making Americans complain since the population is increasing. This interferes with the environment since the population ensures the environment resources are overexploited and this strains the environment. This immigration act has had some consequences in America since the population of Black Americans and Asians is on the increase. Most of the whites are now insecure since the non white population is increasing immensely and thus most whites are not comfortable with this trend since they think that the non whites will take over their place. Most of the whites are condemning immigration especially illegal migration from Mexico since it contributes to social problems (Walsh, 1). Illegal migration has been attributed with social problems such as crimes based on this article and thus most Americans condemn this…

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