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Immigration in the United States has been one of the most argued issues in the country since this century, especially in the last two decades. Immigration in the United States does not only affect the immigrants, but has been affecting the current citizens as well.
Since the year 2011, immigration into the United States has significantly changed, in a few different ways, from the 2000s. In 2011, the average number of immigrants per year stopped increasing as it always has in the past. As well as that, the number of immigrants acquiring jobs has greatly increased since 2011, compared to the 2000s. In the current conversation of immigration, the main focus is no longer the acquiring of jobs by immigrants, but now the federal grants and aid that
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In 2011-2015 there is a new issue into the subject of immigration. It is no longer a debate on which immigrants are acquiring jobs, or how many of them are acquiring jobs. It is now about what jobs they are taking and why they are receiving free federal aid and support so easily. In 2000-2008 the federal aid was not the same as it is today. Due to this, scholarly immigration policies have changed because of the new policies that directly affect this issue. Most of the talk that goes on now is not about the amount of jobs immigrants are taking, but what jobs they are taking. It is not so much of a problem if immigrants are taking jobs that are in low demand by Americans, but since they are now taking jobs that are in high demand and needed by American citizens, it is becoming a major problem. Aside from that, many of the immigrants now are not looking for a better life by working hard in America, but looking for an easy life by getting free money from the federal government. This is becoming a major issue because we are wasting all of this money on immigrants that do not benefit the American society and might not even become or stay citizens of the United States of America. All of this conversation has taken place in the time starting in 2011 because of the new federal policies put into …show more content…
The immigration policies change from being focussed mainly on the country that the immigrant is coming from, which was supposedly what defined whether they were a trustworthy immigrant or not. However as we move into the later years this begins to change. This is because, the immigrants that are coming to the United States are being questioned on what benefit they could be to the country. Therefore, by allowing those who are more educated into the country through a series of immigration forms and tests, it increases the amount of competition for jobs. Where it used to be that immigrants coming in took the jobs that the residents would not consider having the conversation has now changed since more educated immigrants are migrating over to the United States. This clearly shows that the conversation has, in fact, changed over the years. The policies of immigration have been changing as the country itself changes. The rapid changes in immigration were a result of the diversity in residents and the increased amount of people wanting access to the United States, which shows that the conversation of immigration policies changes over

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