Essay about Immigration During The United States

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The United States has seen a large surge in immigration in the last two decades. The new wave of immigration that America has experienced for the latter part of thirty years has been from the Hispanics and Asians. Immigration from places like Europe have lessened over the past two decades, immigration from countries like Mexico have skyrocketed. The recent immigrants in the twenty first century has shown significant dispersion in the United States. This means that large areas of immigrant communities where their were no immigrants ten years ago. Most people look at how immigration affects Americans and the nations economy. (Kaushal, Reimers and Reimers, pg 64) Not one discusses how immigrants view immigration. If one talks to an American citizen about immigration, they will see many negative statements about Hispanics and how they are destroying the country. One may think that immigration for an immigrant is easy. In reality, it is difficult, because they have to completely uproot from their existing home, go to another country, assimilate into its population and try to keep as much of their cultural heritage intact as possible. Most immigrants come to American to find work to take care of their families here and back home. The cons of immigration for immigrants outweigh the pros.
Though it is a tough transition for an immigrant to come to another country, there are some positives aspects. A Mexican immigrant coming to the United States is able to find good quality work…

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