Immigration And The United States Essays

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Trought the years there 's always been a concerns about immigration in the US. Some Americans are not happy with the idea of having illegal immigrants in the US, they believe that immigrants are the ones that are jeopardize the economy of the united states. The big concern in the US right now is that immigrants are afraid for what is about to come for America there was a controversy in the politics by Donald trump whether to build a wall which will separate the Mexican borders from the US that way they can prevent immigrants from getting in to the united states.

I was really interested in the topic about immigration and I did some research within these articles, I found out that there 's a lot of people that don 't feel safe or peaceful with having illegal immigrants in the US. American’s feel that immigrants are the bad ones the ones that are destroying the economy in America and the ones that have criminal backgrounds. The rest of the articles compares and contracts the viewpoints and thoughts Americans have on immigration. The articles that I read use Ethos, pathos and logos to be able to support their argument, each article shows different viewpoint of how support their statistics. 50 Years Ago, Immigration Changed in America by Kenneth
Immigration is one of the most discussed topics especially in the United States presidential campaigns with some controversies whether to adopt the millions of immigrants who are in the US illegally. There exist…

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