Immigration And Its Effects On America 's Lungs Without It The Nation Will Die

786 Words Mar 26th, 2016 4 Pages
Immigration is oxygen to America’s lungs without it the nation will die. Yet, the American government has been holding its breath for years. For the government has established laws so complicated they require a lawyer to fight through. These laws are backing up the system and causing unnecessary turmoil for those trying to legally enter the country. Without improvements, America will soon suffocate under the restraint of its own laws. The foundation, Lifeblood of America (LOA), proposes change. First of all, family reunification is a process in which a U.S. permanent resident, green card holder, or citizen of the United States can sponsor family members to immigrate to America. Originally it only applied to minor children and spouses, but now it has extended to parents, unmarried adult children, married adult children, and siblings. The government has far extended the number of immigrants allowed through family reunification, about 480,000 per year, crowding out important visas like work visas, at only 140,000 per year (“How”). To successfully correct the immigration system, LOA proposes reevaluation of this law by limiting visas to spouses and minor children of immigrants. This reduction in the amount of family reunification visas will insure that work and education visas can increase. Second, education immigration is in need of immediate reform. With so much riding on the inflow of foreign students and foreign students forming 60% of the STEM…

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