Immigration Across The United States Essay

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Immigration in the United States has been one of the most argued issues in the country since this century, especially in the last two decades. Immigration in the United States does not only affect the immigrants, but has been affecting the current citizens as well.
Since the year 2011, immigration into the United States has significantly changed, in a few different ways, from the 2000s. In 2011, the average number of immigrants per year stopped increasing as it always has in the past. As well as that, the number of immigrants acquiring jobs has greatly increased since 2011, compared to the 2000s. In the current conversation of immigration, the main focus is no longer the acquiring of jobs by immigrants, but now the federal grants and aid that immigrants can receive so effortlessly. The reason that the scholarly conversation on immigration has changed over the past few years is not due to the issue itself, but the new federal policies put into place that greatly affect it.
The immigration policy takes an extremely long time to change as explained in the article by Richard Vedder. He looks at the changes over a large time frame where not much has been altered in terms of the immigration policies. However, in the article by Katzenstein she looks at how the immigration system in America has begun to change in terms of the immigration policies. This shows that the conversation does change over time. The articles show that the rate of change of the immigration policies increases…

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