Essay on Immigrants : There Is Strength Diversity

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Immigrants: There is Strength in Diversity
Gerrison Sims
The United States was built from an organization of immigrants. The “melting pot” culture in America has helped shape our country from the day the first settlers set foot in North America. The positive aspects of immigration to America are still visible today. In the past two decades, immigration has enriched the culture of the U.S. in many new ways. The diversity of these groups not only forms a demographic that is ethnically mixed, but one that strengthens our nation as a whole. Recent immigrants have vitalized critical sectors of our workforce, allowing our economy to continue to grow. One of these sectors is the food industry, which not only serves as an economic pillar, but also as a staple in the diverse “melting pot” culture on which America thrives. The culture created in the U.S. by this immigration has had a positive effect on America. Americans can look forward to further cultural development, should these immigration trends continue. It must be addressed that many Americans believe that immigration should be curtailed based upon the assumption that immigrants compete directly with those born in the U.S. for jobs. While this is a reasonable concern, simple research proves the opposite of this to be true. By and large, immigrants actually provide a boost to the American workforce through several specific benefits. One of these benefits is that immigrants often are more readily willing to perform jobs that…

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