Immanuel Kant And Aristotle 's Views On Happiness Essay

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It is safe to say that every human being in the world wants to be happy. Humans crave the feeling of happiness. Sometimes happiness clouds decision making and causes people to make choices that aren’t the best for other people around them but satisfy their needs, which is quite selfish. People can make decisions based on happiness rather than what is morally right. This can cause many issues because if everyone just does things that make them happy, the world would be filled with corruption and poverty. If everyone based his or her actions off what was morally right, the world would be less corrupted and more peaceful. Good will is the highest good because in the end the people that act only on their good will will deserve happiness. They might not necessarily be happy but after doing what is right they will have a better conscious, which will allow them to live a fulfilled life.
Explain disagreement between Kant and Aristotle:
There are two opinions on what the highest good is. Immanuel Kant was a German philosopher. He is considered one of the central figures of modern history. Kant believes that the highest good is good will. Good will is doing the right thing based on your moral standing no matter what. Even if it means that you have to sacrifice happiness in order to do what is right that is what you have to do. He also thinks that if you always do the “right thing” no matter what the circumstance is, in the end you should deserve happiness. This doesn’t mean…

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