The Pursuit Of Happiness Analysis

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While happiness is a major factor on one’s demeanor, it is not essential to be happy one hundred percent of the time. With happiness comes the contrary emotions: sadness, fear, and anger. Not many people enjoy these emotions because they believe it intervenes with their personal happiness, but these emotions are vital if you are seeking true happiness. When you hear the words sad, fear, and angry, you may think of a difficult time in life, but these feelings are much more than just that. Despite happiness being the goal in everybody's life, showing emotions such as sadness, fear, and anger are important as well because they produce positive outcomes.
While most people would agree that sadness, fear, and anger have no positive sides, it is important
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Happiness is not very hard to find if you go about searching for it in the right way. “People go about finding happiness the wrong way”. (David 124) People also think happiness is something you can create or a goal you can achieve. In the passage “The Pursuit of Happiness”, Eleanor Roosevelt explains that “happiness is not a goal, but a by­product.” This means happiness cannot be produced or made happen, but it is a resulting emotion you receive by events that occur in your life. You can not be happy your whole life without first facing some adversity of negative emotions and without knowing what true happiness is so you can look for it in the correct …show more content…
If someone is feeling down, it may have something to do with the interruption of their mundane routine. According to the passage “The New Science of Happiness”, the author Claudia Wallis claims “psychologist have unveiled a new tool for sizing up happiness”.(Wallis 2) This tool, used to measure happiness, is a long questionnaire detailing everything the participants did the day before and whom they were with. It then rates your emotions during each episode. Wallis states that “the method was tested on a group of 900 women in Texas with some surprising results”.(Wallis 2) The five most positive activities for these women were sex, socializing, relaxing, praying or meditating, and eating. If one does not get enough of these activities done in a day, they may feel blue or emotionally unstable. These negative emotions are normal to

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