Imigration Ipact on Food Choice Essay

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Immigration impact on food choice in Ireland

In my essay on how immigration impacts food choice in Ireland, I will be discussing different advantages and disadvantages of immigration ant its impact on the country. However not only about the food choice, but also on how immigration reflected on eating habits of people living in Ireland as well as the differences between earlier ages when immigration was not a common thing and immigrants did not have a big influence in the country as in nowadays when immigration is spreading all over the world, especially after Europe Union has been created, now immigration has big influence on every aspect in the county, especially in food culture.
“Food has many roles to play for consumers: it is
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Differences in food choice and culture slow and steady spreaded all over the county. People in Ireland become more and more familiar with different countries cousins and food variety. For this reason in these days you can find different kind off shops, for example polish shops with many different names, Lithuanian shops, German

Supermarkets like Aldi and Lidle where you actually can find food from all Eastern Europe, plus you can find Asian shops as well as Pakistani, Chinese, Indian shops and so on and on. All these varieties of the shops and supermarket from different countries just confirms the fact that since immigration in Ireland increased availability of food choice increase as well, people start knowing different ingredients and cooking methods. For this reason in these days everybody knows and like stir fries, curies and so on, people start liking them, even cooking them at home.
If we have a look at availability of the restaurants, in every town in Ireland you can find some many foreign restaurant and take away, in some cases you can see them more the Irish pubs or restaurants.
A biggest advantage of immigration impact on food in Ireland in my opinion is that people start knowing different cuisines and cultures. They now can do some comparisons with they own food and all these cultures can exchange tradition and learn from each other. Food can actually helps to bind society together. (Goody 1982)
Therefore now we

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