Ilm Managing Stress and Conflict in the Organisation Essay

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Assignment 2
Managing Stress and Conflict in the Organisation

Task 1
Understand the effectiveness of own organisation in dealing with workplace stress and conflict
Stress is a part of everyday life and as such is a part of all organisations. Cole in his 2004 book ‘Management Theory and Practice’ describes stress as:
The adverse psychological and physical reactions that occurs in individuals as a result of their being unable to cope with the demands being made of them. (p.382)
It is estimated that stress causes the UK economy around £7 billion a year, of which £4 billion is as a result of the 180 million working days lost due to staff taking time off work. As such the importance, if not purely on a financial basis, can be seen to
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This perception presents a significant issue and radically reduces the effectiveness of College’s ability to deal with conflict. It does not matter if this perception is actually correct or not, a barrier exists that means that initially conflict is dealt with informally with the directorate and not by recourse to the College Procedures and it is only when the conflict escalates that College procedures are implemented.

Task 2
Be able to improve the management of workplace stress and conflict in own area of responsibility
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are clear that Line Managers play a crucial role in the prevention and management of stress within their team. The key responsibilities are: * To understand what work related stress is, what causes it and how it can be prevented and managed * To engage and communicate with staff about stress and raise awareness * To be aware of your organisation’s policies and procedures on this issue * To support and get involved in organisational initiatives to tackle stress, for example, encouraging staff to complete questionnaires, attend focus groups or suggest solutions * To understand your role in preventing and managing work related stress, and that you can sometimes cause or exacerbate it * To be aware of your competencies in managing and preventing this issue and how this can impact on staff, as well as taking action to improve your competencies * To

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