Illegal Immigration Is The United States Essay

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Everyone Deserves a Chance
Illegal Immigration is an extremely talked about topic in the United States,especially now since it is the election season. Everyone seems to have their own perspective on this issue and what they think should happen to the ones that cross the border illegally. Now, most people should have an open mind on this situation because the majority of the immigrants are coming over to better not only their lives but their families lives as well. Nearly all of them come over for the better paying jobs and education for their children Many Americans believe that once immigrants come over here they are going to take all the job opportunities we have, but to be quite honest, there’s so many jobs out there it would not even affect them. Immigrants tend to do jobs that most Americans would not even think of doing, for example, we have American citizens on the corners begging for money, being lazy (I understand that everyone 's situation is different) rather than going out to look for a job. On the other hand, we see immigrants working in all seasons on construction sites. In all reality they do the jobs Americans do not want to do. Most employers do not mind them because of the hard working ethics that they have.
In his article, “ Imagining the Immigrant: Why Legality Must Give Way to Humanity”, John J. Savant has us picture a father who lives in fear of being “ deported and witness the decline of his sick daughter because he would not be able to afford…

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