Essay about Illegal Immigration And The United States

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Illegal immigration is an increasing problem in the United States. In an article titled Illegal Immigrants it states that the United States has the largest population of illegal immigrants comparted to any other country. It also mentions ways people violate the immigration laws when they come to the United States; sneaking in without permission, coming over on ship as a stowaway, and by using documents that are duplicitous. The article also states, “Roughly two out of three illegal immigrants in the United States come from Mexico.” Illegal immigration brings with it mixed emotions as many believe it is a security risk, while others place blame on the illegal immigrants by stating they are responsible for an increase in crime, lower wages, and the current unemployment rate. People argue the illegal immigrants take away from Americans because the communities they live in have to financially support them. While other people argue illegal immigrants, for the most part, are, in fact, hard workers who pay more in taxes than what they end up taking away from the communities they live ins assistance and are blamed bigotedly for various problems in the United States. In the article, “One proposed solution has been to provide a way for illegal immigrants to legalize their status, but such proposals have been sharply criticized as “amnesty” for lawbreakers.” Granting illegal immigrants amnesty is sending a mixed message stating the United States is okay with immigrants breaking…

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