Argumentative Essay: Why Women Deserve Equal Pay

Women are ripped off every day they are working. A woman loses $1.2 million dollars in her lifetime due to the gender wage gap. The wage gap between men and women has always existed. It has actually decreased over many decades, but there is still an immense difference in their pay today, which needs to change. Many disregard the fact that there is a wage gap between genders; however, the unequal pay between females and males should not be brushed off. In fact, women deserve equal pay because a woman’s salary is no longer a secondary income, a woman’s work is not less valuable than a man’s, women are not less educated than men, some still do not believe that women earn less, and employers and companies allow the discrimination to happen.
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That’s one reason for the original gender wage gap. It was not true then and it is not true now. Women are capable of doing the same work men do. Lalive and Stutzer mention: “In a second study by the same authors, 40 women and 40 men received a payment first and were then asked to do as much work as they thought appropriate for the amount they had received. Women worked longer, made fewer mistakes, and had a higher output” (937). This proves that a woman’s work is just as valuable as a man’s work is, if not more valuable. In this study, women worked harder and longer, which is why women should receive equal …show more content…
The cause for the wage gap is now the companies, businesses, and, mainly, the employers. An example for a company discriminating against women would be Wal-Mart. Leutwiler and Kleiner say “Female Wal-Mart employees hold the majority of the lowest paying hourly jobs” (102). The reason why they hold the lowest paying jobs is beceause of their sex. It is gender discrimination. Companies do not value women’s work as much as they do men’s. That is not ethical. It’s been said over and over, “…male dominated occupations are higher paying than the female dominated occupations” (Leutwiler and Kleiner 106). The only explanation for male dominated occupations being higher paying is the employers. The employers enable the wage gap. Companies value a man’s work more than a woman’s. It is not just one article who claims that because England states: “For example, if secretaries are paid less than janitors, it may be because employers tend to pay a job filled with men more than one filled with women” (913). The gender wage gap continues to exist because of the way companies run. A company would rather pay a man more than a woman. Chen even mentions something another author found to display that: “Ehrenberg [1989] concluded that female-dominated jobs are underpaid by 15%-34% relative to male dominated jobs”

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