Illegal Immigration And The United States Essay

1064 Words Sep 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Illegal immigration has been a prevalent issue in the United States for a century, but unauthorized residents have made many contributions to the nation’s economy by providing unskilled labor for low wages and no benefits. Residing in the United States without proper documentation may be illegal; however, a large number of illegal immigrants work under undesirable conditions and receive pay which American citizens would refuse to accept. Aside from the economic factors of illegal immigration, illegitimate non-citizens also have social ties to their respective communities within the United States. Many illegal immigrants have children who were born in the United States, making them legal citizens. The question of what to do with the millions of people who are unlawfully residing within the United States is not simply a question of legality or economics, but a moral dilemma regarding human rights. The correct solution to the problem of illegal immigration must acknowledge potential economic repercussions and the welfare of illegal immigrants while maintaining and enforcing the laws of the United States. This mindset led me to my original stance on illegal immigration. At the beginning of the exercise, I was in favor of granting amnesty to all illegal immigrants with no questions asked. Allowing these unauthorized residents to become United States citizens would not cause a dramatic economic shift because the workforce would not be required to overturn in order to keep business…

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