Illegal Immigration And The United States Essay

752 Words Apr 21st, 2016 4 Pages
In 2016, illegal immigration has been the root of certain presidential campaigns, but it is a weapon being used to attack immigrants making them seem subordinate to full U.S. citizens. Although illegal immigration immigration regulations is a huge controversy all over the world, the U.S. is being scrutinized for not being harsh to people who want to enter “The Land of the Free” The United States does have an overflow of immigrants but the actions taken to help regulate the flow of immigrants seem to be very ineffective.
Immigrants have a PRIVILEGE to be in the United States. Immigrants do deserve to be here if they respect the immigration laws set in place. Respecting the natural born citizens rights as well. Rights should be made sure that they are clarified and understood, by immigrants coming into the country, but should also be set into place.
“Far from trying trying to control the border, U.S. businesses and politicians were trying to get people to cross it” (Wilson,57). “The United States wanted this labor for a reason; it was cheap and disposable.” (Wilson, 57). The United States, for many years, has brought in thousands of illegal immigrants to help with production of crops. Once the season is over, they expect them to leave. The immigrants work for cheap, helping many business along the way, but this is not a cost effective solution for the immigrants. Immigrants want to stay for the hard work the provide for companies. One of the main goals of immigrants is to…

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