Persuasive Essay About Immigration

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From the idea of building a wall, to people being harassed on the streets. The immigration system has sparked controversy for decades, but given the recent election of President Trump, and the tragedies that continue occur in Syria and Turkey; immigration and more specifically immigration policy has been a trending topic in 2016. With about a total of 6,300 immigrants, legal and illegal, entering the USA every day, there is much debate when it comes to questions about the size of inflows, the role of immigrants on the economy, safety concerns, and all in all the benefits and costs (Batalova and Zong). Above all else the major concern Americans should be thinking about is what makes someone a citizen, and are we staying true the core values …show more content…
Illegal immigrants are those immigrants that sneak into America without properly going through the legal application process, or came into America on a visa and stayed past their expiration date. When it comes to what should be done with those here illegally, I personally find it hard to come to a conclusion. We have specific laws in place in to protect people, and to create structure in the governing of the country. Whoever walks on American soil, is agreeing to follow the rules and laws of the land, and the same goes for any other country as well. I’m a firm believer that if you break a law, it is your responsibility to pay for the consequences, and with immigration it only fair to those who follow the rules of a visa that illegals get deported. However, I cannot speak for those, or begin to understand why those who come here illegally went through such risky measure to be here. Not knowing the circumstances that put people in such a desperate position makes deportation a guilt tripping punishment. For example, many of those here illegally are parents to U.S born children. “4 million unauthorized immigrant adults, or 38%, lived with their U.S.-born children, either minors or adults. In 2000, 2.1 million unauthorized-immigrant adults, or 30%, lived with their U.S.-born children” (Passel and Cohn). Even though, laws should be abided by, …show more content…
Under ICE 's Secure Communities program, which is being reinvented as part of President Obama 's recent executive actions, the cost was about $2,500 per case. Taking those per-case averages as (squishy) highs and lows, the cost of merely identifying those here illegally and removing them would fall somewhere between $31.4 billion (nearly the total annual existing budget for the Department of Homeland Security) and $65.2 billion” (Los Angeles Times).
Simply deporting that many illegal immigrants is something America cannot afford to do. Like the LA post suggests I think it would benefit all in involved if we create better alternatives other than deportation. Such as, being empathetic and lenient towards illegal immigrants who have been in the States for a while, and have not broken any other laws. We can also examine the circumstances as to why illegal immigrants are illegally, and determine a deportation status around

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