Illegal Immigration and Its Effect on America Essay

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Illegal Immigration and Its Effect On America

Thesis: Learning as much as possible about Illegal Immigration so that we may understand and try and find a reasonable solution.

I. What Is Illegal Immigration? A. Illegal Immigration B. When did it begin?
II. Toll of Illegal Immigration On America A. Hidden Cost Of Illegal Immigration B. Crime C. The Loss America Suffers For Illegal Immigration D. How Things Have Changed
III. America Speaks Up A. Why Americans Are Prejudiced Against Illegal Immigrants B. Illegal Immigrants Tell Their Side of the Story
IV. What Can We do? A. Playing Your Part B. The Future

Leah Willoughby
Mr. and Mrs. William Davis
Sophomore Research Project
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I even carry a .38 to mow my lawn, but those guys are carrying assault rifles." (Pacific Research Institute, Illegal Immigration and Crime) Unfortunately, the crime isn't limited to the border area. The 18th Street gang in Southern California is one of the nation's most violent street gangs with a staggering 20,000 members. More appalling is the fact that 60 percent of the 18th Street gang's membership consists of illegal aliens. The gang's crimes range from armed robbery to arson and murder. Since 1990, the gang has been responsible for 100 homicides. The Los Angeles Times notes that, "Wherever [the 18th Street gang] surfaces, the quality of life inevitably suffers." Law enforcement admits that it is losing the battle against the gang. One state official says, "They're worse than a cancer. A cancer you can kill. These guys keep growing." These are just some examples of the crime illegal immigration has brought about. Sadly, America has changed since all of this began and not for the better. Taxes have gone up tremendously, taking quite a toll on millions of taxpayers. Jobs have been forfeit and given to immigrants who will work for less money. Schools have been crowded and the curriculum changed to better accommodate the immigrants. In one small town in Pennsylvania, the cost of the English curriculum went up to 25,000 dollars from a mere 200. That town was so overwhelmed by immigrants they had no choice

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