Essay On Illegal Immigration

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Illegal immigration is a migration from one country to another are breaking the laws of the country of destination, so that it is entering the country without a visa. Most illegal immigrants belong to the third world countries, who are trying to immigrate to developed countries such as the United States and the European Union. Many die while trying to cross illegally the U.S. border or engage in accidents or detained by the U.S immigration authorities. In my view, all illegal immigrants who are living in the U.S. get a citizenship since they are already here and many of them are paying taxes, because they left their home in many reasons, armed conflicts that we see in Syria, Iraq and others, people who are looking for economic migration, …show more content…
However, People use many ways to move to another country which has a high economy and provide business, sometimes they are moving illegally, risking their lives, and in many cases they get arrested. The young people are looking for jobs commensurate with scientific qualification, because this is the real reason for the lack of conviction the opportunity to work far from their field on a temporary basis until they have a better chance. It should be noted that there is considerable variation in the economic level between exporting immigrant’s countries, experiencing a lack of operations development, lack of jobs, low wages and living standards, and a corresponding rise in the standard of living, and the need for labor in the receiving countries. Economic differences between developed and developing countries, and the deteriorating security and economic situation in many areas after the stalled development projects, and increasing misery, and present dictatorships, and there are minorities and conflicts regional issues. Thus, they are looking for any way out for them, and then immigration comes as one of the solutions to the desperate people who are looking for jobs in any place and at what price to pay, even if it costs them it lives. In a story that I read about a guy who tried hard to get a job in his country but he could not and he traveled by himself to America.

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