Illegal Immigrants Should Not Be Granted Citizenship Essay

1053 Words Dec 15th, 2016 5 Pages
Immigration is such a major issue, that it is one of President Elect Donald Trump’s main arguments in his campaign. Many citizens argue that illegal immigrants should have the opportunity to be granted citizenship by the government over some time because they came for the opportunity to have a better life, but some argue against it because they fear the citizenship would sanction criminals who wish to avoid punishment for criminal activities in their home country. And there are illegal immigrants who have been in the U.S. for several years, and many came to America to have the opportunity to have a brighter future with their family. Immigrants, however, contribute to the American culture in more ways in one. Thus, immigrants should be granted citizenship by the government they help add to culture diversity, are beneficial for the economy, and because their children are citizens. America is constantly becoming more diverse each year because of immigrants. According to the article, “The Fertility Contribution of Mexican Immigration to the United States”, there has been a rise in birthrate of immigrant ethnic groups, especially with Hispanics, being the most prominent increase. (Demography 129-150) The rise of birthrate in Hispanics is number one that contributes to America being more diverse because majority of illegal immigrants are part of the minority population, and their children are born with citizenship if born on American ground, adding more than non-white or blacks…

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