Illegal Immigrants Should Be Granted Amnesty Essay

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Since the 1830s, many Americans began to express the “growing concern”about “the increasing volume of immigration”. Immigration, legal or illegal, has been a staple recurring problem for many years in American politics. As immigrants arrived, the facts that more of the arrivals were Catholic and unskilled spread along. These immigrants have traveled in hopes of reaching land , which may hold an abundant amount of freedom and job opportunities for each of them. In their interests they take on the unknown journey to fulfill their desire of freedom. In our country, illegal immigrants should be granted amnesty because of their contribution to employment and work ethic , efforts in finding freedom and opportunity which they do not have back home, and finally because of them, our diversity in our country is further stretched. In our country, immigrants have played a large role in their contribution to the employment industry. For low pay, immigrants take the advantage of job opportunities and take on available work that natives may not want.Although these immigrants have a likely chance of finding work opportunities, they get jobs making less than the lower-middle class citizens do. This not only gives them economic opportunities, but also Leninist us Americans. Stated by David Frum,” On average , immigrant workers increase the opportunities and incomes of Americans.”One responsibility in which immigrants have is the need to pay taxes, which they fulfill. Many assume…

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