Are Immigrants In America?

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In order to uncover what one sees in the present, it is imperative to explore the past of the present. Currently, there is a debate on whether immigrants belong in America. The United States of America, also known as the home of the brave and free have encountered this question time and again. In 1919, under the Woodrow administration, Alexander Mitchell Palmer was the Attorney General of the United States. An Attorney General oversees the United States’ citizens. They are known as the “People’s Lawyers”. In 1920, Palmer oversaw the implementation of the mass deportation of immigrants through raids even though many were citizens-natural born or naturalized. Thereafter, roughly around 4 years, the Coolidge Administration decided it was …show more content…
Immigration expert and Republican Senator from Vermont William P. Dillingham introduced a measure to create immigration quotas, which he set at three percent of the total population of the foreign-born of each nationality in the United States as recorded in the 1910 census. This puts the total number of visas available each year to new immigrants in 350,000. It did not, however, establish quotas of any kind for residents of the Western Hemisphere” (Milestone: 1921-1936 - Office of the Historian). They clearly did not want the immigrants to come into America and they made it really hard for people to come into the USA. Entering without inspection is even harder because the process of getting documentation becomes impossible. In order to start the process they have to file inadmissibility. Filing inadmissibility is where they ask for forgiveness for crossing the border without inspection. That is just the beginning because now they have to go through a process. Once a visa is available an immigrant must leave the country, if they entered without inspection (EWI), they trigger a 5 or 10 year bar from the united States. Which means that they would have to stay in their countries as a punishment for that specified amount of time. This could mean for many away from their children, parents, family, communities and churches. It varies what kind of immigration relief that the immigrants need. Different form of relief can be U-Nonimmigrant for victims of crimes; that includes Employment Authorization Card (EAD) and can ultimately lead to the Lawful Permanent Resident Card (LPR), which can lead to citizenship. There is family based petitions and others. The time process depends on what kind of case you have, so there is no definite time

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