Illegal Immigrants And The United States : Sanctions Against Illegal Immigration

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Illegal Immigration in Canada and the United States: Sanctions against Illegal Immigration and its Overall Impact
Should illegal immigrants be forced to leave? This is a question that has been hotly debated for decades in both Canada and United States. While there are obvious drawbacks to illegal immigration, there are many more compelling reasons that effectively argue why undocumented residents in Canada and the U.S. should be permitted to remain in their adopted countries. This paper will review the current sanctions for those who contravene immigration policies, and will present the positive contributions of illegal immigrants.
From the time Canada became a nation until 1895, a relatively free entry system allowed numerous immigrants to make Canada their home, people who helped to build this country to what it is today. Another positive period for immigrants was between 1976 and 2001 which focused more on humanitarian and family reunification concerns than the current Immigration and Refugee Protection Act that favours highly skilled applicants that are deemed to have enough education and language skills to adapt (Challinor, 2011).
Today, new policies have placed strict limitations on visitor, work, and student visas. The standard time that most people who are issued visitor’s visas can remain in the country is six months. For those who overstay their time, they normally will not be detected as the Canadian Border Services Agency does not track if a visitor leaves on…

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