Identity Of The Characters By Suzan Lori Parks And Joe Turner 's Cone And Gone By August Wilson

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Identity of the characters in any type of literary work can set the stage for the complete background of the story. According to Michael LeMahieu “identity is a role one performs publicly for an audience rather than a private essence one contains inside” (LeMahieu 33). It allows the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the meanings behind the characters. This holds true revolving around the identity of the characters in Topdog/Underdog by Suzan-Lori Parks and Joe Turner’s Cone and Gone by August Wilson. Through both of these works, the identity of the characters is shown through racial identity, name symbolism, and denial. To understand the role of identity, it is important to examine the titles of the literary works and to see what the deeper meaning behind them is. In the play Topdog/Underdog, both names can be applied to the two main characters in the play. In the begin of the play, Lincoln is known as the topdog because he currently holds a job and he is also the older brother. Booth is known as the underdog because he is unemployed and the younger brother. As the play goes on the roles seem to change. Lincoln ends up losing his job and is divorced and not very happy. Booth seems to gain a better attitude and has a girlfriend who he is very serious with. The title Joe Turner’s Cone and Gone has a deeper meaning. In the play, Joe Turner is known as guy who trades slaves. Slave trading is an important piece of the play to note because it is what separated Loomis…

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