Identity Is Becoming A More Questionable Concept Day After Day

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Identity is becoming a more questionable concept day after day. Some simply embrace it, live their life as such and enjoy it. Some spend the majority of their life wondering and trying to find “who” and “what” they are. Some people adamantly try to move away from who they are. And attempt to change themselves. I identify myself as a early 20 's, straight, white, male. That 's what I am, I have a western European background. I was always interested in the opposite sex, making me straight. My parents raised me (and my brother) as boys, to become men. I never had an interest in dolls, or dresses, etc. Not because my parents steered me away from (which I don 't know or remember if they really did) but I had no interest. I enjoyed action figures, power rangers merchandise, transformers, legos, super soakers and nerf guns, and toy story merchandise. Which could be categorized as “boys stuff”. Our dad took it upon himself to really show and teach my brother and I how be men. My grandparents, both my dad 's and mom 's parents supplemented their own ideas into our upbringing. My mom 's parents are the more 2nd set of parents, they did as they knew from having and raising 3 children. The oldest of which being my mom. But they got to be the fun and amazing grandparents because they 're not actually our parents. My dad 's parents, now passed, were very much the old fashioned couple. What I always found the most entertaining about my dad 's parents was that you could have plopped…

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