Identifying And Critically Analyzing Primary Research Essay

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Application 1: Locating and Critically Analyzing Primary Research
Article One The article “Dementia carer education and patient behavior disturbance. International journal of geriatric psychiatry conducted” by Coen, R., O 'Boyle, C., Coakley, D., & Lawor, B. (1999). is on the topic of dementia carer. The researchers stated that the objective was to evaluate the impact of dementia Carer Education Program on carer quality of life, wellbeing, and burden. The study took place in a Hospital memory clinic. The study design was a Single group before-and-after the intervention study. The researcher subdivided the group by those who perceived status post-programme for intragroup analysis which made it convenient to understand. The participation consists of 32 dementia carers who received eight 2 hours support and education sessions from a psychogeriatric clinical team. Coen et al. (1999), used data from Pre-programme and six months post-programme and focused on "individually perceived QoL, burden, well-being, managing problem behavior, appraisal of social support, knowledge of dementia, and perception of the program". The Patients separated based on their cognition, behavior disturbance, and functional status. The result revealed no significant baseline. It stated that Twelve carers mentioned their position after the program was better after the program, twelve others their position was worse, and four said no change to place. Patient behavior disturbance discriminated to…

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